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Win at Roulette! How To Get The Best Odds

Sacha Tarkovsky

The spinning wheel, the smell of money, and anticipation... nothing compares with roulette for sheer excitement. Do people win at roulette however? Some do, and we will show you their secrets below.

The winners all have a strategy, and they stick to it, and win at roulette.

To win, you need to play. To play, you need to bet. Here is a winning bet that when learned, can earn you big money.

First point!

Play only the European wheel and not the American wheel.


Because the American has an extra double zero and this extra number gives the house an edge of the European wheel, which has a house edge of just 2.70%. These are far better odds than the American wheel, which has a house advantage of 5.26%!

The Column Bet

If you look at the roulette table you will easily see three columns with 12 numbers each. These are known in European Roulette as 'douzens' This bet calls for you to place money on two of the three columns. Obviously, you have 24 numbers covered in a 2:1 bet.

As an example, you bet $100; $50 on each of the two columns.

Should you win on one of the columns, you win back $100, and the $50 you placed on the column.

The odds have it that in 10 spins of the wheel, you will win at least 50% of the time, so you are really winning and having won, stop playing at once!

The casino's odds are know to increase the longer you play. Stop playing at this point and walk away a winner.

However, betting only one bet, and only for 10 spins can be boring and not very much fun after a while.

There is another bet you can alternate it with, and also win at roulette.

You can play American or European roulette. American roulette with a double zero will reduce even further your odds of winning. European roulette has the casino's odds at +2/7% while the American are 5.25%. Play European roulette.

European Roulette Rule 'en prison'

The European 'en prison' (in prison) rule can reduce the casino's odds, and it's a great bet. Here is how it works.

The 'en prison' bets works only on even-money bets.

These are high/low, red/black, and odd/even bets. If you use this bet, and whatever you bet, if the result is a zero, your 'en prison' bet gives you the option to take back either half of what you bet or you can leave the whole bet for the next spin.

Playing 'en prison' has just reduced the casino's odds down to 1.35%. You are playing now in a professional manner.

Stay away from the situation bets, as the odds are stacked very much against you. That is why the payout is so high on those bets.

However, with the 1:1 bets, an considering the casino's odds, you still have a 45% chance of winning. Stay away from the situation bets.

How to Win at Roulette?

Follow the advice above, do not play for long periods, and do not be lured into betting on a number of combinations, you will lose.

Stick with the bets with the best odds and play en prison as often as possible as it has the best odds of all and gives you the best chance to win at roulette.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sacha_Tarkovsky

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