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Low stakes Casino and Roulette

by Ben

Not all of us are high rollers. Some of us like the thrill of winning at the casino without having to put up with high minimum stakes. Fortunately most online casinos offer tiny stakes on Roulette (10 pennies), Keno (5p), slots (1p), baccarat (50P) and Blackjack (10 pence).

With low minimums stakes your money will allow you to play for longer but the thrill of winning will be less. At 10p Roulette online a single number will pay out 3.60 whereas 10 will pay out a nice 360. Its easier to walk away winning 360.

With lower stakes your winnings are also limited. For example, if you wanted to win 100 at Roulette, it'd be very difficult to do playing 10p, even money bets. If you were betting 100 chips then you could win that in 1 even money play. Of course the downside of large stakes is that you can lose big.

Blackjack at low stakes can be fun. At 10p, the maximum winning is 25p (getting blackjack and ignoring doubling downs) but you still get the ability to chose your destiny. When the stakes are low, you can hit when you would normally stick.

Practically every online casino offers a free play option to get you started and get to know the rules. Here at KLScasino we recommend Virgin Games. Claim your sign up bonus today and start playing. As well as your favourite table and card games, they offer a range of slots for just 1p spins.

Low stakes Roulette

In summary, most casinos offer low stake tables but you won't be able to have your cake and eat it. You can play for low stakes; lowering your risks but you won't be able to win big.

Play Blackjack for Low stakes

Low stakes Blackjack

Play Keno for Low stakes

Low stakes Keno

Play Baccarat for Low stakes

Low stakes Baccarat

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